T’s & C’s

Enrolment and Fees

1.     All pupils are invited to a free trial class provided they have not attended a free trial before.
2.     Fees are non-refundable and must be paid in advance of the next term, by the given deadline.
3.     Places are only guaranteed upon receipt of full payment.
4.     Siblings/twins will receive a 10% discount off the younger child’s fees. No retrospective discounts will be offered.
5.     A 10% second class discount will be offered to students attending more than one class.
6.     Fees are not transferable from one family member to another.
7.     Fees are subject to change.
8.     In the event of absence, whether due to illness, or otherwise then refunds cannot be made.
9.     Make-up classes can be taken for any missed classes. These must be taken during the term and only if space is available. Permission must be confirmed by the Principal.

10. In the event that the teacher is ill or unable to take class, wherever possible a cover teacher will conduct the class. If not a make up class will offered at the earliest convenience. No refunds will be offered.

11. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather or Force Majeure events will not be refunded or rescheduled.

12. Half a term’s notice is required in writing if you wish to withdraw your child from Ballet Brighton. This must be given in the final week of the half term before.

Teaching / Timetable

1.     All Ballet Brighton teaching staff are qualified, DBS checked and fully insured.
2.     Ballet Brighton reserves the right to change the timetable or teaching faculty where necessary. Changes will be kept to a minimum and advance warning will be given where possible.

Child Safety / Illness & Injury

1.     Ballet Brighton endeavours to make sure your child is dancing in a safe and comfortable environment.
2.     You are responsible for ensuring that your child wears suitable attire and footwear for the class.
3.     Ballet Brighton reserves the right to not teach or send home a child who appears to be ill or unfit to participate in the class.
4.     Ballet Brighton teachers have the right to require your child to sit out of a class or any part if they are disruptive so as to interfere with other children’s enjoyment or benefit from the class.
5.     Ballet Brighton reserves the right to exclude from further classes any child who is repeatedly disruptive in manner.
6.     Ballet Brighton does not accept any responsibility for and shall have no liability to you or your child for any loss or damage to property brought to or left on the premises.
7.     Ballet Brighton is not responsible for any injuries sustained prior to the beginning of class. Given the physical activities involved in ballet class, pupils are exposed to the risk of injury.
8.     Ballet Brighton and its employees are not responsible for and shall have no liability for personal injury or illness save for any caused by their negligence. By enrolling your child, you are certifying they are in good health and capable of participating in the classes for which they are enrolled.

Photography and Images Policy

  1. Upon enrolment parents and students are asked for their consent allowing the taking of official school photos and / or video images for publicity and marketing purposes.  We will only use photographs where consent has been given.
  2. No one is permitted to take unauthorised photographs, films or video’s at any Ballet Brighton venue or events.
  3. A Media consent form will be obtained from the parents / carers should any request to take photographs of students be made to the Principal by the media.
  4. If Parents are approached by the media or photographers this matter must be referred to the Principal.
  5. Parents / carers are permitted to take films and photographs during the end of term watching classes but footage containing images of other students may not be shared or published online unless written permission is obtained from the relevant parent or carer.  Ballet Brighton is not responsible for obtaining such permission.

Use of Data / Data Storage

1. All the information provided by you will be held in the strictest confidence and kept securely by Ballet Brighton.
2. Only relevant information will passed to class teachers as necessary, for example, relevant medical details.
3. We will never sell data to third parties.
4. With your consent, relevant data will be provided to organisations such as the Royal Academy of Dance for examination registration purposes.
5. We will hold your data for the period of time required in accordance with UK data laws and legislation.
6. You can contact us at any time to request details of the data we hold about you and your child.

By enrolling my child at Ballet Brighton, I confirm that I accept the terms and conditions hereby stated.