“you live as long as you dance” Rudolf Nureyev

Clair Thomas, BA Hons, ARAD, PDTD, RTS


After my career as a professional ballerina and with ten years of free lance teaching experience already behind me, I felt it was time to start my own Ballet Classes for children. To begin at grass roots with the little ones, developing well trained young dancers by establishing good practise from the beginning, whilst importantly encouraging and fostering a joy for dance. Soon after moving to Brighton with my family, I found the Yellowave Studio, on Brighton beach. I fell in love with the sea view and the energy of the place. Two little children came through the door of my first ballet class and Ballet Brighton was born. The School has grown organically from strength to strength in the last seven years. Classes for children and adults are now offered in several different venues across Brighton.

There are so many positive life benefits for a child attending Ballet Class with a caring, passionate and professional teacher. I myself fell in love with Ballet at a young age. I was fortunate to have been inspired and nurtured by the most wonderful teacher, Miss Susan Robinson. I have everything to thank her for, not just the excellent training and the opportunities that afforded me as a dancer but also for the magic of the theatre, musicality and a great love of performance through dance that she instilled in all of her pupils. Now it is my privilege to pass on this knowledge and love of dance to my own students. I couldn’t be happier. My sixteen years of teaching experience and the experience that I bring from my career as a professional dancer, continue to inform my teaching practise.

Why Choose Ballet Brighton?
We dance with joy and inspiration

Ballet Brighton offers a holistic approach to the rigours of Classical Ballet training in a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment.   Students are nurtured with encouragementkindnessenthusiasm and professionalism to fulfil their best potential. Our focus: developing happyhealthy, dancers and performers, with a robust sense of self esteem and a genuine love of dance and appreciation for the art form. Toward the goal of developing the autonomous dancer, Ballet Brighton is committed to reaching beyond the syllabus in our teaching methods. Great importance is placed on musicality, artistry, creativity and a sense of performance alongside the emphasis on correct, clean technique from the beginning

“My children have absolutely loved the classes Miss Clair – she is brilliant and experienced teacher and ballet dancer and strikes a perfect balance of kindness, fun and discipline. I would highly recommend Ballet Brighton for providing a strong foundation in dance and much enjoyment for the children” Kat – Mother of Alma and Seren