We hope you and your families are keeping safe and well.  It continues to be our priority to ensure the safety of everyone, students, parents/carers and teachers now that classes have resumed in the studio in the current climate. In light of Government Covid-19 guidance, we have implemented protocols in how classes will be run in order to protect both staff, students and their families and full Covid-19 Risk Assessments have been undertaken for each of our venues.

All Classes:

  • If your child is displaying any of the symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you do not bring your child to class and follow the Government guidance accordingly.
  • On arrival for class, please sanitize your hands at the front door and wait to be welcomed in by your teacher. Sanitiser will be located at the front door of each venue. If there are people waiting in front of you, please line up respecting distance and observe the one-way traffic flow which will be signposted where necessary.
  • Classes will be running 5 minutes shorter and with 5 minutes between to allow for smooth entrance and exit from the studio.  Surfaces will be wiped down regularly.
  • Bring your own full water bottle to each lesson.
  • Arrive dressed for class with minimal additional baggage.  Children should have easy to remove outer clothing such as tracksuits. In colder weather outer clothing such as coats must be left with parents. We ask that if they have bags (for example with character skirt and shoes), these are small.  On entering the studio, the teacher will direct children where to place bags and water bottles and this will be their designated space / chair.  Children are to be unaccompanied into the studio and will be met by their teacher at the door.
  • Bring a crossover cardigan or tight-fitting sweater which may be worn for class. The windows will be open, where possible, to promote good ventilation.
  • Class sizes will be reduced to allow for social distancing depending on the venue.  This is to enable correct social distancing following the Government and RAD guidelines. Students will be given clear guidance throughout class, for example, through use of markers on the floor and allocated places to stand while the lesson is in progress.
  • Teachers will be adapting class material at this time with fun and imaginative strategies in order to observe social distancing. The children will be expected to listen to instructions accordingly.
  • Currently no props will be shared in class ribbons may be allocated at the beginning of term to each child for the Junior classes to be used where needed and then kept for the duration of the term.
  • At the end of class, the children will be instructed to collect their belongings and line up keeping their distance.  We ask if you could arrive in good time to collect your child at the end of class. Children will be required to exit one at a time. If you are running late, please notify us by text so we may allocate a space for your child to wait while the next class enters.
  • Venues with communal areas. Parents will unfortunately not be able to wait in communal areas for the current time.
  • Toilets. Wherever possible please ensure your child has used the toilet before the beginning of class.  Should the toilet be required, one child at a time will be permitted to leave the class and use the toilet.
    Please do raise any concerns you may have so we can address them promptly.

Please do raise any concerns you may have so we can address them promptly. You can email us directly on